German Language Pack 2.0.47

With the German Language Pack you can easily create perfect localized InstallAware setups in German language.

The easy-to-use Wizard analyzes your existing translation project and translates automatically from English to German.

With over 5400 translations, the German Language Pack covers all standard texts of scripts and dialogs (all themes).


The German Language Pack includes everything you need to locate your InstallAware setup projects in German language:

  • Fast and easy to use
  • More than 5400 translations
  • Perfect German - created by human translator for best results
  • Covers all standard texts of InstallAware
  • Direct translation of scripts and dialogs of all designs
  • Special algorithms for recognition and translation of own texts (using well known translations)
  • Very easy to use wizard to handle your translation projects
  • Unicode output for InstallAware 16.x and later


Product Information
Version: 2.0.47
Localization: English
Price: 89 EUR (98 USD)

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Supported InstallAware Versions
InstallAware 25.x (X8)
InstallAware 24.x (X7)
InstallAware 23.x (X6)
InstallAware 22.x (X5)
InstallAware 21.x (X4)
InstallAware 20.x (X3)
InstallAware 19.x (X2)
InstallAware 18.x
InstallAware 17.x
InstallAware 16.x

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 10
Windows 8.x / Server 2012
Windows 7 / Server 2008R2
Windows Vista / Server 2008
Windows XP / Server 2003